Panarion Center for Patristic Heritage







A specialized team handles translation work from ancient and modern languages in order to provide academic publications characterized by scientific accuracy, design and printing quality.


The center offers a diploma on Christianity in the early ages, and it also organizes a number of specialized courses in the field of Christian studies

Academic Discussions

Organizing meetings and conferences on the eastern patristic heritage at the headquarters of the Center and in the various churches and dioceses

About Panarion

Panarion is a Greek word meaning “medicine cabinet”. In the past, it referred to the box in which the medicine bottles were placed. Saint Epiphanius in the fourth century used this word as a title for his book against heresies, a metaphor that his book contains the cure against the poisons of heretics.

We have taken this name as the title of our activity because we aspire that the Panarion Center will be a medicine cabinet for the mind and heart, just as the pharmacy is a medicine cabinet for diseases of the body.









Diploma in Ancient Greek

Diploma in Ancient Greek
The Panarion Center for the Patristic Heritage is pleased to announce the opening of reservations for the (Diploma of the Ancient Greek Language)
Prepared by Dr. Gerges Boshri
Classes start next February
For reservations and inquiries, please call 01220020525
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